wall lights

Wall lights
Wall lights are ideal to create a pleasant atmosphere in a living room, corridor, room, hallway, terrace, garden path or entrance. Direct, indirect, diffuse and also accent light is possible.

Orientation lights for on the wall
Our LED orientation lights can be used as orientation and also as night lighting. All orientation lamps have power LEDs. This also makes that the side edges of the plexiglass have a nice light effect. The transparent plexiglass is frosted on the front and the back. This gives a very nice soft diffused light effect.

Wall lights – indoors
We have wall lamps that only shine upwards or downwards. Some also shine up and down. Our Up & Down model is also  turnable. You have the choice of direct or indirect light.

Reading lamps – wall
All our reading lamps have a power LED and a flexible. On the wall at a work or writing table. Also in the bedroom next to a bed. With or without switch. Mounting via front or back. Built-in or built-on.

Wall lights – outdoors
There are wall models for LED lamps and energy saving lamps. These are equipped with an E27 socket. There are also wall lights with built-in power LEDs. These models are very small, only 5 cm high and can be used as orientation lighting.

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