outdoor lights

Outdoor lights and garden lighting

Outdoor lights, both ground models, wall models and also orientation lighting can be ordered here. Suitable for LED lamps, or already equipped with power LEDs. We have outdoor lamps that can be placed on a terrace, wall, entrance, front door, garden path and also in the ground in the garden.

Safe for children. Because there are no sharp corners.

Robust. That is why there is a 10-year guarantee on all our outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lights for LED lamps and energy saving lamps. These are equipped with an E27 socket. With the 180 ° outdoor lamps, the light shines to one side thanks to a built-in reflector. The 360 ​​° models shines the light all around.

Outdoor lights with built-in power LEDs. These models of only 5 cm height can be used as orientation lighting. There are models with a light emission of 110 °, on one or two sides. There is also accent lighting whose light emission is 13 °.

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