ceiling lights

Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights, hanging lamps, LED profiles, can provide general, table, mood or accent lighting. Both with direct, indirect, diffuse or accent light.

Ceiling lights with opal sandblasted glass. For surface mounting with an E27 socket.

LED profiles for built-on or built-in. For illuminating shelves in a store, or a work surface. In a closet, or on a ceiling. In addition to different standard lengths, these can also be made to measure.

LED profiles with cable suspension. The thin profile can be turned to the left or right. This allows you to illuminate both a table surface and a wall evenly. Available in lengths from 98 to 294 cm.

Hanging lamps for LED lamps and energy saving lamps. With opal sandblasted glass, with or without reflector. Simple timeless design. With one, two or four light points. The spiral-shaped pendant lamp is suitable for a globe lamp. All these lamps have an E27 socket.

Pendant lamp with power LEDs. With black plexiglass and 16 directional light points. To light a table, desk or reception.

LED flexible accent light, for in the ceiling or in a profile.

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