On this page the policy of LIGHTSANDFORMS – NIOS nv is explained with regard to the privacy of visitors to the website

The person responsible for the processing of personal data is LIGHTS AND FORMS – NIOS nv, represented by:
Luc Lemahieu
Sint-Annastraat 20
B-9820 Bottelare
tel +32 9 3625409, email: [email protected]

LIGHTSANDFORMS – NIOS nv does not keep a separate database of ordinary visitors to the website. Naturally, data is kept of visitors who place an order via this website. This information is required in order to be able to process an order correctly. Everyone is always entitled to access and any changes to his or her personal data. Please contact the person responsible for the processing of the personal data.

None of the information acquired on this website is passed on to third parties.

This website uses only functional cookies and no other cookies such as tracking cookies etc. For functional cookies no additional notification is required to the user.

This website works with forms that are sent via e-mail. The data that LIGHTSANDFORMS – NIOS nv receives when you send us a form via e-mail, may be stored in an address book but will not be passed on to third parties without your permission. After request from LIGHTSANDFORMS – NIOS nv, you have the right to consult your address book details at any time and to request changes in accordance with the applicable law. Please contact the person responsible for the processing of the personal data.

Voor de website van LIGHTSANDFORMS – NIOS nv worden statistieken bijgehouden omtrent de bezoekers van deze website. De volgende gegevens worden hierbij opgenomen:

Het domein (bv. .BE, .COM, .NET, …).
De gastheer.
Datum, tijd en duur van het bezoek.
Welke pagina’s geopend worden op het bezoek.
Welk besturingssysteem (bv. Windows XP, Linux, …) en welke internetbrowser (bv. Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Safari, …) u gebruikt.
Hoe u op de website terecht gekomen bent (bv. Via een zoekmotor, via het rechtstreeks intypen van het adres, …).
Welke foutmeldingen u (al dan niet) krijgt.

Questions and additional information about the privacy policy of LIGHTSANDFORMS – NIOS nv can be addressed to: Luc Lemahieu, tel +32 9 3625409, email: [email protected]

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